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Organising a street party

Organising a street party might seem a daunting task but there are a number of organisations who can help provide you with useful information.

Below is some footage from an organisation called The Big Lunch who provide useful information and advice to people who want to organise a street party.

One important tip is to start with the neighbours you already know. Once you have them on board it will be much easier to approach the rest of your street.

There is a great toolkit on The Big Lunch website. This includes an information pack and a step by step guide to help you on your way to setting up a street party. You can apply for this tool kit here.

You can also find 10 east steps to organising your event here.

You may need Public Liability Insurance. We all know accidents can happen and it’s worth getting insurance just in case!

Your Square Mile offers the cheapest Public Liability insurance when you sign up to the mutual here.

Your Square Mile also recommends visiting The Department of Communities and Local Government’s Street Party Guide, the Street Party page on the Directgov website and the The Street Party Site. They all offer some useful pointers and great ideas.


Last Updated April 10, 2012

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