Your Square Mile


Your Square Mile was set up 5 years ago to provide practical advice, guidance and inspiration to citizens to make positive change in their communities and to tackle pressing social problems.


We are very proud of all that we have achieved:-

• This site has been used by 95,000 people.
• We have attracted and promoted over 100 charity sector partners.
• We have worked in 19 of the toughest communities in the UK.
• In all the neighbourhoods where we have worked, we have brought together 20-30 civically active people such as social
   workers, teachers, councilors and charity leaders with 50 people who had been, to that point, completely uninvolved with civic life.
• 30% of our projects were implemented and successful, and these ranged from helping to re-build the community centre in
   Glyncoch in Wales, and in Pollokshields in Glasgow, to a host of youth, intergenerational, and environmental projects.
• We almost doubled regular, constructive contact between citizens and the local authorities across our areas.
• We increased from 50% to 63% the number of people who feel they can influence local decisions.
• We also held a National Summit of all areas to share learning and to learn from 12 different experts.
• We worked with both Heineken and Unilever to strengthen their community involvement up and down the UK.


Sadly, we no longer have funds to continue with our work, but if you want to see what we have achieved and learned, please click on the links below to watch some of our videos, and hopefully get some inspiration:


Thank you to all the many people who contributed to Your Square Mile over the years. You can always contact us at


Paul Twivy and the Your Square Mile team